Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring has sprung! The clock has rolled forward, the sun is shining, and it's almost time to put away our puffer jackets, sweaters, and knitted hats. As we move forward into warmer weather and the promise of more time outside, Freehold has some updates, events, and opportunities that we'd like to share with you all. To learn more about updates to our core curriculum, Engaged Theatre Tour production of Auntie Val, chances to see Freehold Studio students in performances, and accessibility conversations, keep reading!


Community Spotlight

Identity and Inclusion in the Core Curriculum

Theatre lives and breathes, and so too should the works that we use in the classroom. As we assign works that have something to say about the human experience or do something interesting with the stage as canon, it is impossible to deny that pieces created by white cis straight men are overwhelmingly upheld as the only texts worth teaching. As Freehold continues to explore its own internal biases and works to decouple itself from whiteness, we have been made aware of the ways in which our texts (some of which have not been updated since the early 2000s) do not fully encapsulate the world we live in. In an effort to present a wealth of identities and experiences to our students, Annette Toutonghi, Carter Rodriquez, and Elena Flory-Barnes have spearheaded a revision of the texts that are taught in our Core Curriculum scene study classes (Acting Step II and III).... read more

Engaged Theatre: Music, Community, and Collaboration in Auntie Val 

Before COVID put a hold on many theatre productions, a play was commissioned for the 2020 Engaged Theatre Tour: Auntie Val. Written by longtime Artistic Partner and Freehold faculty member Daemond Arrindell, the play is a modern take on Brecht’s Mother Courage. The story revolves around the titular Auntie Val, a woman who prioritizes her own sense of control and those in her inner circle but must undergo a transformation to let go and accept the power of her community. The play uses a live score that is inspired by and incorporates elements of Conscious Hip Hop Artists like Killer Mike, Blue Scholars, and A Tribe Called Quest throughout. To learn more about the creative process and how it has evolved over the past year, we sat down with playwright Daemond Arrindell, lead actress Felicia Loud, and composer/DJ Jennifer Moore.... read more


Freehold Class Spotlight

Spring quarter is just beginning; there are still spaces available in some of our classes! If you'd like to attend, check out our course catalog. Please email info@freeholdtheatre.org for any questions about classes or discounted tuition.

Self-Tape with John Jacobsen

Interested in getting more comfortable on camera? Learn how to prepare, shoot and submit theatre, film, and TV auditions using your cellphone, tablet or laptop. The class will also showcase the best setups for lights, audio, and backgrounds as well as how to edit your audition. To get a taste for the class, click the big red button for a short video by John.

Self-Tape begins April 22nd; for more information about the class, discounted tuition rates, and more, follow the button.

Voice Over with Kira Dorrian

Grab your mic and get familiar with the recording booth. If you're interest in voice-over work, learn how to cold-read, look behind the phrasing of ad copy to identify possible client desires, quickly and effectively interpret copy, and learn how to take direction in the studio. The class will cover a variety of genres, including audiobook narration, radio and television ad copy, technical narration, and character work for video games and animation. To get a feel for the class, click the big red button for a short video by Kira.

Voice Over begins on April 19th, for more information about the class, discounted tuition rates, and more, follow the button.

Student Performances from Last Quarter

At the end of every quarter, students from some of our classes have the opportunity to share what they've created in a series of student performances. From plays to poetry to scenes, students flex all that they've learned in these short sequences. If you haven't been able to attend, check out our video from last quarter's Spoken Word and Poetry class with Daemond Arrindell! 


Opportunities to Support Freehold


Spring quarter is getting underway, but we realize that finances don't magically bounce back with a shifting of the seasons. To support students who may be unable to afford classes or are facing an uncertain financial future, we are continuing to offer the Sponsor-A-Classmate year-round. For those who are in more stable situations, this is a great way to help both Freehold AND one of your fellow students. Whether it's the cost of a whole class (up to $595), half a class (up to $300), or an amount of your choosing, you are helping us make the gift of art more accessible, regardless of financial situation. To apply for a sponsorship or to be a sponsor, please click the appropriate button below.

To learn more about our program, please watch the video here or email info@freeholdtheatre.org.


Take Part in Accessibility Conversations

As part of a broad effort to improve the experience of Freehold's students, guests, and collaborators, we will be holding a community listening session later this spring, facilitated by accessibility consultants, Studio Pacifica. In preparation, we would love to hear about your experience to understand the existing barriers and opportunities to making Freehold a more accessible center for the practice of theatre. We welcome both positive and negative feedback from anyone -- including people who aren't part of the Freehold community -- to understand what we're doing well and what needs improvement. Please fill out this survey if you have feedback for us and/or would like to participate in these conversations.


Support through eBay and Nextdoor!

Spring cleaning? Marie Kondo-ing your closet? Consider donating the proceeds to Freehold! As you clean out the old and usher in the new, we know that selling or giving away items through a number of platforms is part of the process. If you're interested in supporting Freehold, consider selling your goods through eBay or Nextdoor. Through these platforms, all proceeds would serve as donations to Freehold. Interested? Email us at info@freeholdtheatre.org and we can connect you with Freehold donors who can walk you through the process.



GiveBig is an annual statewide giving event to raise money for nonprofits both big and small. This year, GiveBig is May 4th and 5th but early giving opens April 20th! Donations from this event would go toward various projects at Freehold like our ADA work, which looks to make the physical space of Freehold more accessible to all. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more information about how to participate!


Upcoming Events

Freehold 30th Anniversary Gala

Saturday, May 15th, 7pm, online

From the 90s to the 20s, Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio has remained a bastion for authenticity and passion in the Seattle theatre scene. Join us as we celebrate 30 years of resilience, vulnerability, laughter, and the unexpected on May 15th via Zoom. Between live performances, an auction, and seeing the faces of Freehold friends and family, you're sure to have a great time. Please keep an eye out for formal invitations and a link to register in the coming weeks. 


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